Martha Tabram Essay

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A little over three months following Emma Smith's savage attack, just a few minutes away from the site in the nearby George Yard, another woman would meet her untimely end. Martha Tabram or Turner as she was sometimes known as (nee White) was born on the 10th of May, 1849, to Charles Samuel White and Elizabeth Dowsett. The family of seven lived at 17 Marshall Street, London Road, a short distance from the bustling streets of the city. Martha was the youngest, with two brothers and two sisters. Henry was the oldest, twelve years older than her, Esther next, who was ten years older, followed by Stephen, who was eight years older and Mary Ann who was older by three years.

By May of 1865, when Martha was sixteen, her parents separated, with
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He would continue to live with Martha sporadically across twelve years, as their relationship was similarly troublesome due to her drinking. Turner later recalled how “If (he) gave her money she generally spent it in (sic) drink” and that she developed consequent “hysterical fits” whilst out late at night, usually taken to the police before returning home no earlier than eleven o'clock. In 1888, William and Martha lodged at 4 Star Place, Commercial Road, owned by a Mrs Mary Bousfield. She similarly recalled how Martha would “rather have a glass of ale than a cup of tea”, although she was not incessantly drunk. During this time, Turner was making a living by selling cheap trinkets, menthol cones, needles and pins, as he, like many, did not have a consistent employment. The couple expectedly fell behind in their rent payment, eventually leaving without notice. The two parted ways for the final time in July, with Turner last seeing her on the 4th of August in Leadenhall Street, where he gave her 1s 6d. Martha's last known place of residence was Satchell's Lodging House, at 19 George Street,
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