Martha Washington Contributions

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There were many “Founding Mothers” of America and each of them had their own contribution in the American Revolution and Martha Washington was one them. Martha Washington played a vital role during the revolutionary period of US history. She is considered as the first “First Lady” of America and was a wife of George Washington and they both spent considerable time with each other during the American Revolution. She expanded her social circle during the revolution, as she met the influential members of society in New York and Boston.
Martha Washington served American Army during the revolutionary war and called on the women of colonies to help Continental Army’s soldiers through monetary contributions and supplying donations which helped in the stability of American Army. She organized the huge donation campaign named “The Offering of the Ladies” to support the colonial soldiers and collected a huge amount of money at that time. The soldiers really appreciated all the efforts made by Martha Washington during her stay at Valley Forge. She provided them with the services like cloths, food and with the first aid services to the sick, wounded and dying soldiers. Also, helped the Army with food when they were starving and with cloths when they were freezing with cold with the help of other women in the colonies. She assumed the prominent role as the caretaker of
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