Martial Law in Philippines Analysis

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Martial Law in Philippines

Angelique M. Musni
BSED Physical Science 3-1

Mr. Roel Robles
History Analysis
October 12, 2012

Martial Law in Philippines
I. Introduction Martial Law was proclaimed by Ferdinand Marcos the 6th president of the Philippines on September 21, 1972. Dictatorial in which he will able to control, rule, and manipulate people through his power. He was a topnotch law student. Since he argue at the Supreme Court accusing him as a murderer, because of his ability as a sharp shooter. He quickly gained supporters because of winning against it. Even in his love life he considered it as a political. He married Former First Lady Imelda Marcos for his own intention. He has his own
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For Geny’s freedom Marcos ask to give the companies to him in return. Lopez, gave what he said, But Marcos didn’t give the freedom for Geny. He fooled Lopez instead. He won his freedom when he escaped from prison. Marcos makes a group consisting of his friends and relatives called Cronies. This group aims to have all the wealth in Philippines. His wife Imelda Marcos did enjoy the luxury of her life, spending money of the government. . Imelda Marcos stated that there were no Filipino’s being executed or murdered at Martial Law times. Imelda Marcos been called as an Iron Butterfly because of her beauty and toughness of steal. She’s been the secret weapon of Marcos. She became the minister of Human Settlements. She signed deals on different country. She even put all up some buildings, many people said that Imelda spent 1 million US dollar, just for her daughter’s wedding. Involve the renovation of the said Church for the wedding after several months due to earthquake the Church collapsed. Another one is the Manila Film Center, this building been rushed for the said occasion. According to the reports the two floors collapse and many construction workers died and even buried on the Film Center, Imelda Marcos denied that there are no people buried at the Film Center she said she never left dead people there. Today Manila Film Center is an empty useless building and now, planned to demolish.
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