Martian Chronicles Ray Bradbury Analysis

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The Martian Chronicles By Ray Bradbury

“‘Where are we, sir?’ The captain exhaled. ‘ In an insane asylum.’ It was night. The large hall lay quiet and dimly illuminated by hidden light sources in the transparent walls. The four Earth Men sat around a wooden table, their bleak heads bent over their whispers. On the floors, men and women lay huddled. There were little stirs in the dark corners, solitary men or women gesturing their hands. Every half-hour one of the captain’s men would try the silver door and would return to the table ‘ Nothing doing, sir. We’re locked in proper sir.’ They think we’re insane, sir?’ ‘ Quite. That’s why there was no hullabaloo to welcome us. They merely tolerated what, to them, must
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The only reason we didn’t setup hot-dog stands in the midst of the Egyptian temple of Karnak is because it was out of the way and served no large commercial purpose. And Egypt is a small part of Eart. But here, this whole thing is ancient and different, and we have to set down somewhere and start fouling it up. We’ll call the canal the Rockefeller Canal and the mountain King George Mountain and the sea the Dupont Sea, and there’ll be Roosevelt and Lincoln and Coolidge cities and it won’t ever be right when there are the proper names for these places.’” The way I see things is that the Martians and humans are actually quite similar. Both races live the same and act the same. I would say they live the same because they humans live together and interact with other humans and the same goes for the Martians. I say they act the same because both humans and Martians act in fear. If the humans feared something they would kill it like when Spender decided to kill all of his space partners for the reason that he feared humans would destroy Mars like they did with Earth. Martians are the same as this seeing that whenever the people of Earth came and they started to fear them thinking the inhabitants of Earth were insane as a result they would torture them or trick them and kill…show more content…
So I would say that the Martians are more advanced even though their technology is not so advanced It seems to me that the way they interact with each other is advanced though, because they seem to catch on to that fighting with one another will not bring them any advancement to their kind but they figure out that if they all work together that they can improve their race. One last difference I think would be how Martians preserve their land whilst Earth men destroy it. Not even 30 years later and they had already destroyed Mars. The Martians had been there for hundred of years and kept the land clean. Whilst the Earth men had to flee Earth because they were destroying their planet and they took the extra planet for granted and destroyed the lakes and mountains on
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