Martin Cooper History

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Inventor: Martin Cooper
Created: April 3rd, 1973
Martin Cooper made the first call using it in midtown Manhattan and placed a call to the headquarters of Bell Labs in New Jersey.
The first cell phone was a major step in mobile technology
The device was made out of emerging communication technology
The device came from the use of walkie talkies and other short band radios
The original name was Dynatac and weighed 2.5 lbs and was the length of 9 inches
The battery was responsible for most of the weight the battery lasted for only 20 minutes
Made with metals, plastic, glass, and rubber
(How products are made, “Raw Materials”)
1973-The first cell phone is tried
Dr. Martin Cooper invented the first hand-held phone
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2007-The Apple Iphone is released
Apple released the first iphone which featured touch screen and it could do almost anything a home computer could do, the iphone was the phone that changed the cellular industry and the way people lived. (SoftSchools)
Service improvement
The first Cell Phones did not have a very good call quality, now with expanded networks that have cutting-edge technology, the call quality of the Cell Phone became better and calls were seldomly dropped. Better Features
New features are always trying to be put into Cell Phones consistently, since the time they were invented texting, picture messages, internet access abilities and GPS navigation have been added to the Cell Phone to help the consumers in their regular lives.
The size of the first phone has also been improved to be smaller and more portable instead of the brick-like form the first phone took shape as.
The batteries of the Cell Phone was also improved to be able to stand long periods of time without charging (WilliamHanz)
Just about everyone uses their cell phones on a daily basis
About 75% of the world’s population owns a Cell Phone
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