Martin Heidigger's Response To Modernity Analysis

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To understand Martin Heidigger's response to Modernity one would have to examine the relationship between their notions of Man. Martin Heidigger's concept of Man, a being-in-the world, is very different from the Modern view of man as a thinking being. One believes that understanding comes from a purely subject-object perspective wherein the understanding of the world around us is performed by our internal, completely separate, “I” because it is perfect and known innately while the other believes that to be a being is to actively “Be”, which is the same as Heidigger's notion of Being, and to Be is to exist or to be engaged in the world therefore connecting being, Being and the world forming the concept of Dasein or a being-in-the-world. To understand Heidigger's response one would have to first understand what it is he's responding to.“Cogito Ergo Sum” summarizes what the Cartesian man is all about. The idea that to exist is to think separates the world into the inner world and the outside world; this idea resulted from Descartes search for an absolute truth which does not base its validity on the external world, because…show more content…
Specifically, he looked into what is a human person because when Plato and the other classical philosophers stated what being was, everybody else just automatically assumed that people just understood the concept of a being. To this end, Heidigger came up with the belief of Dasein or, Being-in-the-world which basically meant that to Be, as in to literally exist, as a being involves the act of engagement in the world we find ourselves
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