Martin Luther, And His Concept Of Christianity

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This is an essay about Martin Luther, and his concept of Christianity. As a student and a unbiased Christian, I enjoy studying all types of religions, and elements that encompass them. Luther began his religious career as an Augustinian Monk in the Roman Catholic Church. So, Luther was initially loyal to the papacy, and even after many theological conflicts, he attempted to bring about his understanding with the Church. But this was a contradiction not to suffer because in his later years, Luther waged a continual battle with the papacy. Luther was to become a professor of biblical exegesis at Wittenberg where, in 1957, he posted his critique of the Roman Catholic Church 's teachings and practices. This is otherwise known as The Ninety-Five Theses, which is usually considered to be the original document of the Reformation. The Reformation was very controversial then, and, from a historical viewpoint, it still is today. Luther played a large part in the movement, and I was interested I doing a research to uncover what was the issue with religion. Basically, this document was an indictment of the venality of the Roman Catholic Church, particularly the widespread practice of selling indulgences in association with the sacrament of penance. Luther 's beliefs on the matter were that after confession, absolution relied upon the sinner 's faith and God 's Divine Grace rather than the intervention of a priest. Martin Luther was a man that made a huge impact not only on those in
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