Martin Luther And John Calvin Serve

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Regarded as the founding fathers of the Reformation, Martin Luther and John Calvin serve as the foundations for two great trends of Protestantism that revolutionized the world. Beyond what unites them, these men both carried different world views. One has a square face, a rather pudgy body, and is characterized as being egocentric, stubborn, unwavering (refuses to declined or be declined by anything or anyone), and fancied himself as the center of all gravity. The other has a long face, beard, pointy nose, and a sideways glance. One has an iron will, but understands that the only way to win anything in life is by negotiating. The first is short-tempered (a temperament persisted throughout his life), and has been found to fulminate against papacies and monasteries. The second is described as being repressed, and is depicted as having a somewhat melancholic disposition. However, during his life, he always preached eloquently on human freedom and equality. And although they were born twenty-five years apart, one could say that Luther is the younger while Calvin is the elder.
Born in 1483 to a family of peasant origins (his father worked in a copper mine in the Mansfeld region), Martin Luther was admitted in 1505 to the Augustinian convent of Erfurt, where his intellectual qualities were quickly noticed. Ordained a priest two years later, he was appointed to teach philosophy. Later, he taught biblical theology at the University of Wittenberg, where he became a doctor of

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