Martin Luther And The Catholic Church

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Martin Luther
Martin Luther was arguably one of the most important figures in the entire history of Christianity. If the creation of the Lutheran Church was not enough of an accomplishment, he can also be credited with orchestrating the division of the Catholic and Protestant churches. Even as a young Augustinian Monk Martin Luther was convinced the Catholic Church had lost its way. He obsessed over his purity and relationship with God, and strongly believed the Catholic Church had lost its way over the selling of “Indulgences”. Essentially, how the Church misinterpreted and taught the concepts of sin relative to temporal and eternal punishment. He was destined to confront the Catholic Church which he did and ultimately led to the separation events that are still highly relevant to this day. This was the primary driver for the first phase of his rebellion. The second was his German translation of the New Testament, which he used to both teach anyone to read and learn the holy book.
The Qur’an is the singular book that represents the world’s largest religion, Islam. It represents the most important set of scriptures that provide Muslims with peace and comfort and brings them closer to their deity. The Qur’an is more than a guide to worship, it is a book of laws and guides over 30% of humans in their behavior, beliefs, and day to day actions. It commands its followers on specific rituals and relevant obligations, what to do and not do in varying circumstances. The…
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