Martin Luther And The Christian Church

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Martin Luther was an Augustinian monk who believed the grace of God alone would justify fall humans. Luther one day translated the Bible into German unknowingly beginning the start of a radical religious revolution. Luther wanted to reform the Christian church of abuses. He wanted to return the church to its roots of Christianity and take away moderation. Luther believed in the reading of scriptures and finding the truth from within them. Robert Kolb believed, “Luther was filled with the dynamism that sprang from his spiritual conviction.” (267) He believed Luther inspired others to have a personal relationship with God and to inspire hope. Luther is depicted by many as a friend and a foe. People took his materials and thoughts and made them into ideas that could be used for their own purposes. Martin Luther has shaped the institutions and life of Christendom. He influenced his followers as a churchman and a teacher. Lutheran churches came to think of Luther as a prophetic hero and authority of faith. Some believed he was a servant of God, a prophet and the eschatological angel. Followers of Luther set about to change the institutions and ideas that were helping to keep the world together. Three conceptions of Luther’s emerged and grew even beyond his years. First, Martin Luther was seen as a prophet and becoming the primary authority in the church. Luther made challenges that brought to light the doubts of the old religious system. Martin Luther and his adherents believed
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