Martin Luther And The Protestant Reformation

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The Protestant Reformation was a European movement in the 16th century which initially attempted to reform the beliefs and traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. Changing attitudes towards the Bible influenced the Reformation Movement. Martin Luther and other reformers considered the bible to be the only reliable source of instructions, as opposed to the teachings of the church. Similar to Humanists, Reformers wished to return to the source to analyze and examine the truth. Upon evaluation of the Bible, reformers found that many of the teachings of the church in regards to achieving Salvation did not match the teachings in the Bible. The accessibility of the Bible to the general population due to the vernacular Bible and printing press allowed for different interpretations between reformers. This eventually led to Protestantism to have different branches. The change in viewpoint and the emergence of Protestant religions undermined the Roman Catholic Church. In response, the Catholic Church incorporated new ideas and reforms in order to address the contentious issues that were put forth by Protestants.
The reformation was influenced by both the changing interpretations of the Bible and ease of access of the Scripture by the common man. Luther noted in his Address to the Christian Nobility of German Nation that he was opposed to the idea that only the papacy is competent to expound Scripture (Spitz 338). During the Leipzig debate Luther pointed out that the popes and
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