Martin Luther And The Protestant Reformation

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History 1211 Final Exam
Part I: Topic # 2

Martin Luther, born November 10th, 1483 was an influential model to society and started the Protestant Reformation. Growing up in a German Catholic family with his parents wanting him to pursue a career in law, they were not very happy when he decided to change that and become a monk and theology professor. After becoming a monk, he realized that he did not agree with the Catholic Church and created the “95 Theses” which caused him to break away from the Catholic Church and start the Protestant Reformation. Martin Luther’s life was all about changing the view of the Catholic Church, letting the people have power and not just the church, and allowing a better connection between god and his people. After Martin Luther because a monk he realized several views the Catholic church had that he did not fully agree with and wanted a change. In 1517 Luther created a list of propositions that he felt should be changed in the Catholic Church (Luther 529). It was said that Luther went as far as nailing a copy of the ninety-five theses to the door of the Wittenberg Castle Church on October 31st, 1517. Doing this caused him to become excommunicated by Pope Leo. The ninety-five theses were printed and circulated all around Germany and even made it all the way to Rome making Luther have a lot of followers who believed in the save values he did. Not only did the ninety-five theses get Luther a huge following but would later become the backbone
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