Martin Luther Faith Alone Is The Saving And Efficacious Use Of The Word Of God

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1. “Faith alone is the saving and efficacious use of the Word of God, according to Rom. 10{:9}” (16).

This quote explains Martin Luther’s ideas of salvation and justification through only faith. He believed that people like the Pope were just public figures that were abusing their power for their own interests and beliefs. They would use god’s word to intimidate Kings and Queens. He thought that the Pope was out of line using his authority to forgive sins for material objects. Indulgence is a grant given by the Pope to cancel all sins for donations to the church. This made people more willing to just donate if they could get something in return also. Critics told Luther that there is no way you could achieve salvation without good works, but Luther uses bible passages to make a case that faith, alone, is all you need to be a Christian follower set to be in heaven. Martin Luther knew that it wasn’t right nor faithful for the Pope to do this.

2. “But you are rather waiting to hear from me how it occurred to me to venture to conceive any motion of the earth, against the traditional opinion of astronomers and almost against common sense…” (39).

This quote explains Nicolaus’ struggles to even consider his theory of the earth revolving around the sun. This was in the early renaissance period, so people were still using religion (Christianity) to explain everyday things. He held this information to himself for a long time, and when he finally released it, so many people were
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