Martin Luther King And Malcolm X

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During the 1950s and 1960s, racism was a patent fact in American society. And it is that United States was impregnated by the scorn and rejection toward the black man, having this contempt its maximum expression and support the racist organisation Ku Klux Klan. As consequence of racial segregation, the rights of people of color were strong mind clipped by some laws, forcing them to eat in different places, sit in seats determined within the public transport, and even being forbidden to enroll in certain universities. A clear example of this is the famous incident suffered by Rosa Parks in Alabama, when he refused to sit on the site that was inside the bus.While slavery had been abolished nearly a century earlier, the black race was still being treated as an inferior species.Selected speeches symbolise the struggle that took place during the 1960s in order to transform this situation, in favor of an egalitarian society. They were promulgated by Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, leaders of this movement, that despite having the same aims, its methodology for achieving them was radically different. While King advocated nonviolence and peaceful means, the attitude of Malcolm X was much more radical, making a common trait of aggression. Both leaders used the speech as a way to spread their ideology.

In "the problem is still here", mainly, what Malcolm X wants to convey to your audience is that the racial problem has not been solved with the passage of time, while Presidents…
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