Martin Luther King And Rosa Parks : Achieving Racial Equality

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Despite the reformative efforts of progressive figures such as Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks in achieving racial equality, the presence of racism in American society continues to cause turmoil between white and minority individuals, which invokes an essential question: despite living in a modern and progressive society, why has racial equality not been truly achieved yet? Unfortunately, the long-lasting presence of racial injustice has prevented our society from attaining full acceptance of diverse beliefs and eradication of racial segregation, which still exists today on a much less noticeable level, specifically on college campuses. Upon the request of one college’s African American students, the Halisi House was implemented at Cal State LA, which is a living and learning dormitory specifically designed for the school’s black community and it portrays the continual presence of the fundamental issues of race and lack of societal progress today. These students were compelled to take radical action due to the unintentional segregation that occurs in racially-diverse settings, which is caused by the superficial acknowledgement and value for diversity, but lack of open-minded acceptance and integration of individuals of varied racial backgrounds.
With the institutions of higher education in America gaining diversity, there has been widespread uproar about the frequent occurrence of racial discrimination on college campuses. Minority students at various universities have…
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