Martin Luther King I Have A Dream Speech Analysis

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In the history of the United States, we have experienced many periods of revolutions and changes. If we were to select the best speeches ever given in history, the possibilities would be endless. But, between the very bests we would have to give an honorable mention to the famous speech made by Dr. Martin Luther King “I have a dream“. To honor another great man who believed in freedom and liberty, on August 1963, he masterfully delivered the speech. Similarly to any other highly intelligent public speaker, Dr. King encouraged world peace and equality. In the overview of the speech, he demanded racial justice and an integrated society became a mantra for the black community and is as familiar to subsequent generations of Americans as the US Declaration of Independence. His key message would be unnoticed because his words proved to be a deep and meaningful to the accordance of the social and political upheaval of the time. The enticing point in the speech is that all people are created equal and, although not the case in America at the time, King wanted to teach us that it must be the case for the future. To better elaborate the topic and to show why it was such a powerfully and well developed speech, we have to take into consideration of the time and audience. The time was during a period where Inequality was highly pronounced between certain groups. And, his audience was a selective group that was affect by the tragedy or discriminations. Somehow, he gave them the hope and
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