Martin Luther King Jr.: An American Hero

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Thomas Jefferson once said, “All men are created equal.” These famous words soon became the basis of American ideology, and they outlined the new concept of democracy and American government. They represented what America stood for, nevertheless, these words were untrue. Although all men were created equal, they were not treated equally. Blacks were simply thought to be born inferior to Whites. This inequality was due to the excessive racism engraved in American society, which was rooted from the times of slavery in the American South. African Americans went through generations of struggle to get freedom and equality. They first fought for the abolishment of slavery and then the status of a citizen. However, this still did not create a…show more content…
In 1957, King formed an organization called the SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference). The organization’s objective was to fight segregation and attain Civil Rights for Blacks, through the use of Black churches. Churches teamed up with members and executed protests under the direction of King. For example, the SCLC organized multiple marches such as the Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom. In April of 1963, King and the SCLC organized the Birmingham Campaign. This consisted of a series of boycotts, marches, and sit-ins in Birmingham, Alabama to fight the segregation laws of the city. However, the Birmingham Campaign met very fierce resistance. Police used high-pressure hoses, dogs, and other harsh methods to control protesters. When media captured this footage, it played a significant role in shaping public perception, as it made people feel sympathetic towards Blacks. Overall, King’s efforts with the SCLC had a great impact on the Civil Rights Movement, by increasing public support and awareness.
Additionally, one of King’s greatest speeches was carried out on August 28th of 1963. On this day the March to Washington for Jobs and Freedom took place. Over 250,000 Americans came to Washington DC to gather for one of the biggest political gatherings of the Civil Rights Movement. In front of the Lincoln Memorial, King delivered his most famous, “I Have a Dream” speech. The speech was a
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