Martin Luther King Jr.

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Martin Luther King Jr. lived in a world where racial tensions were high and not everyone was treated equally. He fought for a world where there would be no more segregation and no more disparity between the ways blacks are viewed compared to that of whites. In doing so, he preaches about nonviolence in order to keep the movement honorable. Although Machiavelli believed that the ends justify the means no matter how terrible those means were, the evidence will show that King 's ideas that the means used to reach an end should be pure are more reasonable.
To understand why King’s ideas are more reasonable it is important to distinguish what he meant by pure means for a pure end compared to that of what Machiavelli was talking about. King while trying to revolutionize civil rights "constantly preached that nonviolence demands that the means use[d] must be as pure as the ends [sought]" (King 391). By this King means that if we want an outcome where both blacks and whites can live harmoniously in peace, then the means to get there should be characterized by the same things. If we want peace and nonviolence then to get that we must not use hatred and violence as the driving forces behind the movement. Machiavelli 's goal was to give the Prince advice on how to be the best leader, and in doing so suggests that as long as the end wanted is honorable than whatever needs to be done should be done. When suggesting this he knows that this can include treacherous acts, however, he
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