Martin Luther King Jr Impact

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Martin Luther King Jr. born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia was both a Baptist minister and a social activists who led the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. Martin Luther King was famous for his non-violent resistance to overcome injustice and his fundamental leadership to the movement in ending the legal segregation of African-Americans. His speeches were a key part in changing the world and having an impact on the African-Americans. One of the key moments leading to the equality of black people was the Montgomery Bus Boycott where he led a protest that the blacks would have an equal right to sit in the front seats of the bus. He continued to do this until the rules were changed, however was put into jail along with his followers…show more content…
Kennedy to push for civil rights laws to pass through Congress and to become known to the world. These facades represents Martin Luther King’s views of racial equality and how he overcame them with a non-violent strategy.

The Civil Rights Movement last from around 1955 to 1968. The movement’s goals were to end racial discrimination in the areas such as public transportation, work force, voting and the education. The government took action as non-violent protests and civil misbehavior caused many problems during this time. These actions showed the inequalities and the injustice the black people were encountering. The Civil Rights Movement lead by Martin Luther King was successful in finding the legal segregation of the black people in the Southern part of United States. Martin Luther King was able to rise to national prominence as the head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference which protest against the prejudice the African American’s had dealt with through non-violent strategies, which includes the March of Washington in 1963 to achieve civil rights. In 1964 he was then awarded the Noble Peace Prize. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was put in place as Martin Luther King was able to ban inequality in employment and public areas on race,
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He had about two hundred thousand followers in the march which protests against racial discrimination in employment, racial separation in education and all demanded for minimum wage for all workers. This is the largest protest in Washington DC history and is as well the site for King’s most famous speech “I Have A Dream”. “His goading of a nation to live up to the democratic principles of its founders was sharp display of America’s private grief” (Wapshott, N, 2013). His speech not only spread throughout the nation but as well around the world and set worldwide movement for stopping racial discrimination. Furthermore despite all the reasons for racial discrimination he faced, Martin Luther King never lost an element of hope. Furthermore by stressing historical dimensions of the eternal grievance of African Americans tolerated Martin Luther King pitched his appeal for tolerance and fairness. As a result of this, the citizens of the nation began to put increasing pressure on President John F. Kennedy, encouraging him to push for civil rights laws for Congress to pass through and be recognized on a national level. Due to his non-violent actions and his commitment to peace Martin Luther King was able to make headway into American society allowing him to contribute a great deal to the civil rights
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