Martin Luther King Jr : Letter From Birmingham Jail Essay

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Martin Luther King Jr: Letter from Birmingham Jail Hao Ran Hu SUNY Broome

Hao Ran Hu
Global History
Professor St.Clair
Martin Luther King Jr: Letter from Birmingham Jail
One of the interesting Documents in World History is the ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’ by Martin Luther King Jr who was born as Michael King in 1929 in Atlanta. His parents were part of the baptism ministries, and they lived in an area that was mostly occupied by the middle-class blacks. Due to his background, he was mostly in involved in church activities and his father told him that the church was a way of offsetting the inequality that existed between them and the white people. He studied at Morehouse College where he took law instead of theology which he later realized were intertwined. He used his law understanding while preaching. He always wanted to see the black people liberated and therefore joined the SCLC. In 1963, Martin Luther King Jr was arrested for participating in civil rights demonstrations in Alabama. The demonstrations were as a result of many black men participating in the Second World War. They came back more enlightened on their rights. They now had a new belief that there were better opportunities for them as second class American citizens. The war made them more determined to improve the lives of their fellow black people. Martin
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