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Martin Luther King Jr. On the first day of school, sophomore year, my history teacher presented me with the question of "Who is your hero?" I didn’t have a hero, and until then I hadn’t thought about the subject. Later in the year, my eyes caught a quotation from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the bulletin board which stated somewhat to this effect, "Do not merely be a thermometer that records the ideas and principles of popular opinion; but rather a thermostat that transforms the mores of society." Out of all the quotes that had been posted over the year, it was this one that caught my attention and captured my emotion. When I would read it, I felt as if something inside me had been sparked. Little did I know that this man whom I had…show more content…
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. left a mark on me, and during that summer I bought a book of his speeches and essays. From there on, my knowledge and interest grew exponentially. Reading Martin Luther King was unlike reading any other author. What Dr. King wrote down on paper seemed to come from the encrypted thoughts of my own heart. He had a way of taking beliefs and assertions and molding them into a poetic flow of the English language. His words solidified an emotional drive that I had always felt inside. Through the reading of his works I feel that my personal character has been greatly strengthened. I found something that I have great conviction in, the value of the human spirit. Out of this conviction comes a passion, a passion that I have noticed, permeates all that is of great importance to me. This past summer, I was lucky enough to visit Martin Luther King’s gravesite, birthplace, and his former church, Ebenezer Baptist; along Auburn Ave. in Atlanta, Georgia. I attended church in Ebenezer Baptist and watched the pastor deliver his sermon from the same pulpit that Reverend King had stood behind over thirty years ago. Martin Luther King Jr. was only a man, yet he affected the lives of millions of people. It was his own conviction that compelled him to act. While he sowed the seeds for civil rights, he did not look to reap the benefits. His selfless pursuit for justice gives attest to his moral character. I can only

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