Martin Luther King Jr.

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In this world, there are a lot of people who showed great courage and tried to make the world a better place. Among these people, one of them is Martin Luther King Jr. He made the world a better place for black citizens by doing non-violence movements and marched the way to freedom. Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta Georgia as Michael King Jr., but changed his name to Martin Luther King Jr. in honor of Protestant Martin Luther. Through his activism, King played a pivotal role in ending the legal discrimination of African American citizens. During his childhood, Martin Jr.’s father strongly considered racism and segregation to be an affront to God’s will, and strongly discouraged any sense of class superiority…show more content…
This is a group committed to achieving full equality for African American through non-violence. As a role of being president of SCLC (Southern Christian Leadership Conference), Martin Luther traveled across the country and around the world giving lectures of non-violent protest and civil rights as well as meetings with religious figures, activists, and political leaders (Martin Luther King Jr., History).
In 1960, King and his family moved to Atlanta, where he became a co-pastor of the Ebenezer Baptism church. In 1963, activists did boycotts, sit-ins, and marches to protest segregation, unfair hiring practices and their injustices in one of America’s racially divided cities. On April 12, 1963, King wrote the civil rights manifesto, known as “Letters from Birmingham Jail,” an eloquent defense of civil disobedience addressed to a group of white clergymen who criticized his tactics. Later that year, King worked on a number of civil rights and religious groups to organize the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. This was a peaceful political rally designed to shed light on the injustices African Americans continued to face across the country. The event was held on August 28, and attended by 250,000 participants. This event was a moment in the history of the American civil rights movement and a factor in the passage of the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 King’s most famous address “I Have A Dream”

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