Martin Luther King Jr.

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Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the heroes that made an enormous impact on society and the history of the United States. King was born in January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. It was a difficult time in the world and he finds it very difficult to play with other boys in town. Their parents never let them play with poor Michael (which is his original name). He doesn’t realize it at the time, but the color of his skin is the cause of many injustices for the rest of his life. His family has always had an important role in church since before Michael was born. At the age of 6, Michael and his family travel to Europe. While visiting Germany, Michael and his father change their names to Martin Luther King and Martin Luther King Jr. At the age of 15 King graduated from high school, years later after attending different colleges, he moves to Boston and graduated from Boston University. While living in Boston, he met and married Coretta Scott and later gave birth to two sons and two daughters. While having a happy life with his wife and kids at home, he’s still feeling he had a larger calling than himself. Over the years, King was part of many preach protest; he preaches for peace and for equal rights not for only African-American, but for every person in the world. Whether the words came out of his mouth or his pen, he knew how to stir emotion, and how to move people into action. He had done so many speeches and protests that strike for the rights of the society. One of his

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