Martin Luther King Jr, Social Activist and The Fight Against Racism

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Starting from 1865 to 170, the African- American race was slowly developing and advancing in the US community, but even with the abolition of slavery and voting rights, people around them still scorned at them and viewed them as an inferior and lower species. Segregation was not looked down upon in the 1905s and 1960s. African Americans were tortured verbally and even physically in these times, known as the Jim Crow era. Social activists like Martin Luther King Jr. have worked hard a dedicated their lives for the abolition and eradication of these malignant and harmful laws and actions. Martin Luther King uses his life experiences starting from his childhood to support why he opposes segregation and racism. Segregation hindered the development and advancement of African Americans in society, therefore motivating African American activists like Martin Luther King Jr. to speak out by using his life experiences to attempt to make a difference in the world. From terrible childhood memories, speeches addressed to the community, and even his religious beliefs, Dr. King contributes his thoughts toward segregation and craves to diversify and make a change. After President Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery in 1865, the status of an African American in their community did not change at all. The white race were still continuously bothering and torturing them as they walked down the streets. Many tried to speak up but some fled form fear and other silenced by violence. The gamut of the
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