Martin Luther King Jr. What Was The Point Of Segregation

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Hook: In the days of August 1963, Martin Luther king Jr did a march down a Washington D.C street that was very important to the united states to stop most legalized segregation. This was the point of discrimination that Martin Luther King Jr has faced.

Background: This is part of the march on washington for jobs and freedom. The march is to help make segregation illegal. Segregation was a law made during jim crow laws times when he thought that blacks didn’t deserve to go to school or work with white men and women. The march took place at Washington D.C and was lead by Martin Luther King Jr. The date was August 28th, 1963.

Thesis: During the march the people of washington D.C who were black marched with Martin Luther King Jr to help
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This march was to help with how the laws against blacks were taken down for good and how it affected their future. This is probably one of my favorite stories ever.

During the march on Washington D.C the blacks thought of many ways to ward of people who would try to stop them, but instead what they did was they just stayed calm. In my reading of the same author, Shmuel Ross stated “ attack dogs and fire hoses were turned against protestors, many of whom were in their early teens or younger. Martin Luther King, Jr., was arrested and jailed during these protests” which means that Martin luther King Jr was not even going to try to force himself out of the mess that he so happily made with his fellow friends of the blocking for the worst Jim crow laws in the United States of America . these stories i hear about including Martin luther King Jr always finds a way to make me think about how it must of been to be ruffed out through childhood. The meaning of Martin Luther King Jr’s work was to help make America the most peaceful he could to where he wouldn’t have to see a child crying because of a racial slurr or a rude taunt to them. These stories based from Martin Luther King Jr will be remembered as one of the most ” peace making ” type of works. Martin Luther King Jr is the most amazing
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