Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement

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Where people stood up for what they believed in and fought for their rights? People who did not let anything get in their way, no matter how tough times got? This place was American during the 1960s. Change in American was about to come and the people in American were going to make sure it happened. The 1960s was a time of determination, self-expression, and excitement.
The 1960s came with many ups and downs. But there was many people in the 60s that made a change during that time and their legacy still has an affect on us today. People such as Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, and Molcom X. These people stood up for what they believed in and fought to make America a better place in the 1960s. The impact they made
Protesters filled the streets in the 1960s. People wore shirts and held signs trying to get their voices heard. The cultural movement in the 1960s was about change in America. People felt miss treated and unequal. But they were determined to make a change no matter how tough times got or the diffulties they had to face. A change in America was sure to come in the 1960s. But protesters and signs were not the only things in America that made a difference. Music in the 60s was growing and becoming a big part of America. Music gave people the chance to express themselves and their thoughts throw their music. Music was a way to get things heard all across America. The 1960s…
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