Martin Luther King Jr. as the Greatest Civil Rights Leader Essay

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Throughout all the great civil rights leaders, I personally believe that Martin Luther King was the greatest of them all. What king achieved during the little over a decade that he worked in civil rights was remarkable. "There are few men of whom it can be said their lives changed the world" from wikipedia. Using Mohanda Gandhi's philosophy of nonviolence King gained the power of many citizens respect which lead him in success in, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Birmingham Protest March, and breaking the barrier to allow black people vote rights. After Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white passenger, king wanted to end the humiliating treatment of blacks on city bus liners. He decided to start the Montgomery Bus …show more content…
This sent a message to the president of the United States, John F. Kennedy, to act immediately to find a peaceful solution. The justice department representatives negotiated with King on his demands which included desegregation of lunch counters, restrooms, fitting rooms, and drinking fountains in the city and the hiring of blacks in positions previously closed to them. King and other black leaders gathered to form the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. The main goal was to increase black voters in the south and eventually eliminate segregation. When King was elected president of SCLC he began touring the country, giving speeches and appearing in rallies. All of his time and effort in SCLC, allowed him to gain more support and establish himself as a leader. A Time magazine cover story on King called him ?a scholarly? Baptist minister? who is little more than a year has raised from nowhere to become one of the nation?s remarkable leaders of men? King was doing a great amount for civil rights and gained the support to many people using nonviolence, unlike Malcolm X who used violence and never received as much success and King did. Another great event that happened was, the 1963 march on Washington D.C. which was planned with other civil rights organizations. There was an estimated 250,000 people there to hear King and other civil rights activists speak.
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