Martin Luther King Jr. 's Letter From Birmingham Jail

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In Martin Luther King Jr.’s , “ Letter from Birmingham Jail”, King responds to the judgments of a group of clergymen , after King 's arrest, by writing a letter explaining why the clergymen 's judgments were wrong. In his letter, king brings very reasonable and valid points that challenge the judgments of the ministers. The main arguments that king makes would be the reason of his existence in Birmingham, white power structure and its racial injustice, and finally why negotiation has brought up impatience and little to no solutions. The overall structure of King’s letter was well organized and the letter delivered valid explanations as to why the clergymen 's judgments were wrong and why it is that action had to be taken in order to grasp the attention needed to settle the conflicts of racial injustice the black community in Birmingham was facing.
King begins his letter by pointing out how the ministers referred to his actions as “untimed” and “unwisely” meaning that they were not smart and were done at a wrong time, king also points out that he was referred to as an “outsider” (601). After making it clear to the clergymen that he only wants to give an explanation as to why their statements are wrong, he begins to respond to his existence and why he shouldn’t be considered an outsider. King gives four major reason, the first reason being that king had organizational ties in Birmingham, he points out that he has,” the honor of serving as the president of the Southern…
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