Martin Luther King Jr 's Letter From Birmingham Jail

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The similarities between these two are most evident in their desire for freedom. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted freedom from segregation and Plato wanted freedom from ignorance. They both wanted justice, and knew that it was immoral to take deny another being justice. For example, Plato has said, “… Injustice is always an evil and dishonor to him who acts unjustly.” This is similar to what Martin Luther King Jr has also stated in “Letters from Birmingham Jail”, “We have a moral responsibility to disobey any law that conflicts with the law of god.” (Paragraph 16) Both Plato and King followed similar philosophies, following the laws of nature and god. Not only were they similar in their morals and philosophical tendencies, but “Allegory of…show more content…
One who claims any gender other than male or female would be considered taboo or highly unusual by our society. Biological sex is often thought to determine one’s gender identity. Though sex and gender align for the mass of our population, there is a minority group that does not feel that they belong to either male or female genders. To understand gender fluidity, one must recognize that sometimes a person’s gender and sex do not align. A person may not feel that their biological sex reflects who they are, they may feel uncomfortable with the expectations and roles placed on them due to their sex. These gender roles are created by social expectations of our western society. Gender roles are merely social constructs, and if one does not want to conform to societies conjectures placed on them due to their biological sex, they should have the freedom to non-conform. We must protest and express our discontent with society in order to make a change. Martin Luther King Jr. carefully and patiently explained his philosophy and what he wanted from the masses. He wanted support and for everyone to understand his plan and what he wanted to get out of the protests. This can be applied to the contemporary issue of opposing gender fluidity by comparing the issues and what should be done about them. If gender advocates followed in the footsteps of Martin Luther King Jr. and work with the delicacy that King did, we would be
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