Martin Luther King Jr.'s Letter from Birmingham Jail Essay

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1. The reason King was in Birmingham is because he was invited there as the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and it was his duty to protest injustice and spread freedom through a nonviolent program. As King was invited by one of his affiliates at an official organization, he is not an outside, but more akin to an important guest. Even if the invitation had not occurred, it was still his duty, as the prophet of the “gospel of freedom” just as it was Paul’s duty to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

2. King’s famous quote means that those who have ignored the issues of Birmingham have ignored an issue that concerns the entire world. Segregation and the intense racism felt in there will affect the entire
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If one see’s the issue of segregation as something that is not truly causing tension, than negotiations cannot be fair and reasonable. As such, King creates tension so that there is a direct need for positive changes.

6. An example in American history that represents the “painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor” is the American Revolution. Under King George II’s taxes and government restrictions, the American people felt oppressed and as though their cries for freedom were being ignored. Tensions between the British and the Americans increased until there was a war for American freedom. Also, the Native American people were never voluntarily given freedom, they fought very hard for it after the American people put them through the hell of the Indian Removal Act and several other oppressive measures.

7. By not allowing people into certain places based on the color of the skin goes against Article 1 on the UDHR, which is that all are born of equal dignity. Also, by not calling African American’s be their proper name goes against Article 1 as well. Article 5 of the constitution states that no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhumane punishments- this does against the beating cursing and killing of African
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