Martin Luther King Jr. 's Nonviolent Equal Rights Movement

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Leaders have been around since the beginning of history in which their decisions and actions molded today’s society. From George Washington’s command to victory during the revolutionary war to the triumph of Martin Luther King Jr.’s nonviolent equal rights movement, there have been leadership qualities that have been evident throughout history. Society depends on the abilities of leaders in order to progress in the right direction and finish a specific task. There are many forms of leaders in which different skills are required. Each person has a different view of what a leader and leadership is, however, everyone is influenced by the leader they choose. An efficient leader is someone others turn to for guidance, direction, and inspiration in order to complete a goal. One who possesses leadership qualities is able to influence and persuade individuals in order to attain a desired end. Everyone has the power to be a leader and make a difference in their community. The leaders on Long Island are an important aspect of society because they influence the futures of teens and help them to discover their abilities. There are numerous characteristics of leadership, some of which include: confidence, initiative, good communication, responsibility, compassion, and being open to change; each of theses traits contribute to the quality of a leader and are important factors because without them inadequate decisions can be made (Satterwhite). Many feel that most “are born…
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