Martin Luther King Jr's Letter From The Birmingham Jail

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The Civil Rights movement has aimed to gain rights for African-Americans for decades. Over the course of the semester we have looked at movement’s that have helped advocate for civil rights. One of the movements of that we looked at specifically in class was Martin L. King Jr’s movement and his “Letter from the Birmingham Jail”. In this letter, we hear Dr. King's honest opinion about the criticism he received from his opponents of timely protest. We gain a lot of insight about King's honest opinion about his political motivations of his movements and why he felt that it was critical to act when he did. Another movement that we discussed but didn’t directly look at was the Black Panther Party. An outside article that discusses the Black…show more content…
With stagnation there would be no awareness to a social issue. Looking further into King’s letter, another crucial point that he brought up is that without significant activism the oppressing party would never give up what they wanted them to. Also, to make the problem politically present they had to present the problem in a way in which everybody would see the growing tensions in the community. This is later talked about in King’s “direct-action program” with him creating an issue that makes for a political change. He felt that the direct-action would create direct changes to the current problem. A crucial point that really brought me to an emotional thought is when King mentioned his daughter crying. The mention of his daughter and her not being able to go to theme parks was an upsetting moment. This point brought up a relatable perspective that added a unique thought to his argument. In summary King makes some very relatable points that when looking back now make’s us see how he really helped move the civil rights movement along and cause real change for black communities.
Looking at the outside article of “Black Panther Party: 1966-1982” by Michael X. Delli Carpini we see that the Black Panther Party did not share the same exact ideals as Dr. King. Although they did advocate strongly for equal rights for black communities they did not have the same patience that Martin Luther King had. The main points of the Black Panther Party movement
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