Martin Luther King Junior's Inspirational Speech, I’ve Been to the Mountaintop

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Can you imagine being in Martin Luther King Junior’s position in a hall or church somewhere speaking to people with the hope of challenging and inspiring them? I’ve Been to the Mountaintop is a speech made by Martin Luther King’s Junior or 3rd April 1968. It is a speech that presented a long term mission for the City of Memphis. It was a time when African Americans struggled with racial prejudices. There were inequalities whereby the African-Americans were forced to live separately from the whites. Martin Luther King believed that if they join hands together, African-Americans will be able to fight against the unfair inequalities. King wanted to inspire the people that they can achieve justice without the use of violence. Martin Luther King used elements of logos, ethos and pathos in his speech to inspire the audience. Martin Luther King uses ethos to grab the attention of his audience in his introduction where he says, is “am delighted to see each – here tonight” (King 3rd April 1968). He is very confident in delivering his speech because a large umber of people has turned up. Martin used words such as “victory”, “rightful place”, and “freedom” to create a sense of pathos in his audience. These words inspired his audience because the wanted that freedom and justice and through Martin’s inspiration that they can get it through non-violent means, they were convinced with his speech. In his speech, Martin speaks slowly, with lots of pauses and with great passion of what he
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