Martin Luther King: The Most Famous African-American Baptist Progressivist

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Martin Luther King was the most famous African American Baptist preacher. He is also known as a spectacular speaker and the leader of the Civil Rights Movement in USA. King became a national icon in the history of the American progressivism. Among his most relevant activities were the fight against the racial discrimination and intensive opposition towards the war in Vietnam. He was rewarded with a Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 and rewarded with a Congressional Golden Medal in 2004 after his death. King was raised in a religious family and by the age of five he could retell the entire passages from the Bible. The huge role in the establishment of his kind nature was played by his grandmother who was really loved Martin. She told him that one day he will “become somebody” and taught him respect, dignity and reasonableness. However, as he was growing up he started to feel the entire negativity of segregation upon…show more content…
Armed with his peaceful attitude he started to make his way towards becoming a true spiritual and ideological leader among the black people in America. Starting with a 1955 boycott in Montgomery, King began to implement the concept of brotherhood among the African Americans. There was a huge hatred from the both sides and Martin believed that its reduction even from the one side will become a breakthrough and the beginning of a true unification. Twice a week he gathered people in Churches, inspired and taught them with his preaching. He managed to restore the feeling of dignity among the black people and create the idea of respect from the side of white people. As a result, the Montgomery bus boycott became victorious as in 1956 the Supreme Court has to nullify the laws of Alabama linked with segregated busses. It was the first, but the most important personal victory of Martin Luther King as it gave a start for the chain of mental and physical changes around the United States in the
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