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Working Together For The Same Cause. This paper will focus on Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King jr. because they are both strong representations of two different approaches to a common goal. Perhaps their different approaches of violence and nonviolence stem from their original opinions of how capable the whites are of being good. Of the many African American leaders and authors of the sixties, they shared similar feelings towards the white run American society in which they lived. They all blamed the whites for the racism which existed. However, they agreed that it was up to the black society to end this problem. Using the black society, each of the leaders had their own idea of how racism could be stopped. Unfortunately, for…show more content…
He has found that in his readings while he is in prison and also when he was in school that a lot of what he had learned was about the white man and whenever there was anything in the books about a black man it was either just a paragraph or it was some sort of joke of how they lived or how they had looked. He is reading all this from the books that Muhammad had wrote and he believed in what was written. Now Dr. King says that everyone should be required to follow the same set of rules. He thought that all students both black and white should be taught the same and learns about the black history as well as the white history and it shouldn't be one sided in teaching or to put the other person history as a joke or down play it so like only one side of history was brought together by one type of person but as all types of ethnicities have pulled the country together. These rules should also be consistent with the moral law. Laws should not be intended to hurt someone or degrade them (King 75). He believes that everyone should get the same advantages as the next person, no matter what color their skin is or what ethnicity they are. I feel that both men are in jail but one of them is there for reason that he caused himself. Where as the other is there because he was wrongly accused because of the legal system. I think that both of them had a good and a bad experience being in jail. The experience in Dr. King's time in jail is because he got

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