Martin Luther King and Two other Reasons the Human Race Makes Me Proud

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Human beings are the epitome of contradictory. As a whole we have so many accomplishments to take pride in, yet at the same time we have caused so many tragedies where the means do not justify the ends. Regardless of the fact that we are the utmost confusing race to ever exist, human beings should be spared from the wrath of the aliens because human beings are constantly developing and surely that is something to be proud of. Throughout the genealogy of all human beings, there have been specific human beings who were born and changed the way we have lived – forever. For example, Martin Luther King Jr. The man has a day reserved to him in honor of his social accomplishment. If that does not speak the magnitude of significance about this human accomplishment, then I do not understand what will. Martin Luther King Jr. fought against the socially corrupt principal of racism under a society who severally persecuted anyone who tried to swim against the current of racism. Not only did he fight racism, he fought it with his piercing words instead of physical weapons. Under all odds a human being changed not only the hearts and minds of the human race, but the social manners that Martin Luther King Jr. believed should be within all humans: everybody in this Earth is equal. His social revamp also created a causal chain. Although overcoming racism carries large importance, Martin Luther King Jr.’s accomplishment resonates to other generations beyond his. Even today we are fighting
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