Martin Luther King vs. Malcolm X Essay

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Two of the greatest know civil rights speakers in the United States was Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm x. Both of these men had two very different views on what they thought would be the best way for blacks to get equality. Martin Luther King Jr. believed in his main philosophy which was non violent resistance. Martin used the teachings from Ghandi to teach African Americans how to use non violent resistance as a way to earn equality. He also believed that blacks should try to find common ground between them and the white community and that this is not war it is just injustice vs. justice. The way that Malcolm x put it into perspective made many blacks want to join his side of the fight for freedom because Malcolm x believed that …show more content…
Malcolm x had a philosophy of black nationalism. His philosophy was that blacks should fight for what their freedom and not just sit back and relax while the black race decreases in hope of getting equality. When Malcolm first started out he had a lot of people come and follow him because they were sick of waiting for their freedom. Malcolm x told people that the only way for them to get what they wanted was to fight back when the going gets tough and not let the police tell you what to do. African Americans believed that they would get peace with the white race for all African Americans. Martin Luther told people to not give up even though peace may seem far away if you stay strong it will come to you. Malcolm x thought differently he persuaded all blacks that if they waited for justice that it would never come because they would just keep on getting beaten by the police, so he told all African Americans to fight back. Many African Americans and the white community thought that using non violence was a cowardly act on their part and would just lead to more police brutality. So instead of looking for a fight they tried to find common ground between them and work towards a friendship. While looking for common ground King reminded people that the fight for freedom was injustice vs. justice and believed that justice would eventually be served to those who deserve it. Malcolm x thought very differently, he knew
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