Martin Luther King’s "Ethic of Love"

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The Civil Rights Movement of African-Americans is the movement in the United States as an attempt to terminate racial discrimination and prejudice against African-Americans Southern states. Martin Luther King, Jr. was one of the great leaders of this movement because his ideals proved to be powerful enough to eventually bring victory. One of King’s strongest strategies was his “ethic of love.” This ethic was based on of his Christian beliefs and the teachings of the leader Gandhi. Gandhi had practiced non-violent resistance was the only option to getting rid of the oppression Indians had to face and was able to influence King to do the same. People like the Nationalists, Segregationists, and the privileged were, of course, against this…show more content…
Hooded riders rode through the streets one night. Blacks, however, simply turned on their lights, sat on their porches, and waved. Confused, the KKK nightriders turned and rode away” (Ramsay, Four Modern Prophets 36). This form of resistance did not require violence and was powerful enough to intimidate the opposition. African-Americans had to harbour injustice and were never heard in society. It was incomprehensible why they were treated like lower class citizens, instead of Americans. Nationalist believed that they were not to be considered as the same Americans that the White Americans were. W.E.B. Dubois asked: "What, after all, am I? Am I an American or Am I a Negro? Can I be both?" (Cone, Martin & Malcolm & America 3). Some even suggested that all African-Americans were sent back to Africa. These nationalist often exclaimed: "America isn’t for blacks; blacks can’t be for America" (Cone, Martin & Malcolm & America 3). However, if this was the case, America would not belong to Whites Americans either. The Native Americans are the only first ones to inhabit this land and even they had to encounter injustice. Stating that African-Americans should be sent back to Africa is the same as stating that whites should return to England, Ireland, etc. What made the White Americans more American than the African-Americans when the African-Americans "have [also] worked the land, obeyed the laws, paid their taxes, and defended America
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