Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream Speech : The Rights Of Freedom

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Life is like a game where one is given the freedom to play as they want , the freedom to live life as they please. Universally each nation has a government and it has its laws which will grant some people the basic rights of freedom and others are denied to the access of these rights. Many other people say otherwise because they don't know of the treatment other governments provide to their people and what they are given. Freedom is an illusion where it seems to be that some but not all people are special enough to deserve these rights. Some argue that the basic rights aren't for the privileged but they believe that it is a God given right where everyone has it no matter what. For instance Martin Luther King jr.’s I Have a Dream speech …show more content…

Since freedom is demonstrated as only given to the specially chosen then its shouldn’t be given to some, It should be all or nothing and in this case since not everyone has it so then its identified as a privilege. An example that proves this is in the excerpt from Reading Lolita on Tehran: She says her good-byes and puts on her black robe and scarf over her orange shirt and jeans, coiling her scarf around her neck to cover her huge gold earrings. She directs wayward strands of hair under the scarf … [and then she] put on thin lacy gloves to hide her nail polish.(Nafisi 82) This proves how the women of Iran don't have the freedom of expressing themselves through their clothing which is very different from other places because the freedom of being yourself and unique should remain with you but the Iranian government says otherwise which makes it a privilege to people outside of Iran. Another example from the text states,“If she gets on the bus, the seating is segregated. She must enter through the rear door and sit in the back seats allocated to women”(Nafisi 82). This shows that even living the daily life that many live is still difficult for theses women and that the freedom to do anything one must be privileged. Then again, this issue doesn't only happen outside the “Land of the free” but within as well. As illustrated in the speech I Have a Dream it states, “Five score years ago, a great american … signed the Emancipation Proclamation … [which] came as a

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