Martin Luther King's Letter From Birmingham Jail

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During the Civil Rights Movement in the mid 1960’s one of the most well- known civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. was arrested and was placed into a jail in Birmingham Alabama for eleven days (Westbrook 1). Martin Luther King did not commit a crime that was in violation of any law in the U.S Constitution. King was arrested for taking a direct action for the Black community that was harassed and judged every day for there color of their skin. In King’s Letter From Birmingham Jail on the 16th of April 1963 he illuminates the daily brutality on the streets of Alabama, and focuses his argument on the church and christians for ignoring their moral obligation to their community. Christians and followers of God worship the Holy Bible…show more content…
But such an ordinance becomes unjust when it is used to maintain segregation and to deny citizens the First-Amendment privilege of peaceful assembly and protest”. There was a very important event that occurred on May 2 1963 that changed the Civil Rights Movement and the event was call The Birmingham Children's Crusade (Joiner).
In this non-violent protest thousands of African American children marched the streets of Birmingham to protest to end segregation. These children were faced by a negative response from the white community and endured many painful brutalities. A Historian from New York University states that “On the first day of the protest, hundreds of children were arrested. By the second day, Commissioner of Public Safety Bull O’Connor ordered police to spray the children with powerful water hoses, hit them with batons, and threaten them with police dogs”(Gilmore). King thought that by using children instead of adults this would help increase their chance of accomplishing an end to segregation(Joiner). The police treated these children like wild animals and had no respect for them at all; they brutality hurt children for ages to six to eighteen without having the right to do so. In this brutality act the police were illegally harming these children because the children
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