Martin Luther King’s Policy of Peaceful Protest Essay

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Martin Luther King’s policy of peaceful protest was important because it led to public sympathy of the way black Americans were treated by white Americans an example of this would be the Birmingham campaign (1963), Kennedy said he was sickened by the images of violence and the soviet media used 1/5 of their time to broadcast on it. Other campaigns that where peaceful and effective which were set up or supported by king include The Selma campaign, Montgomery Bus Boycott, the march on Washington, the Birmingham campaign, king supported freedom rides. Some campaigns failed through peaceful protest such as the Albany movement as Laurie Pritchett stopped media attention by treating the protestors with respect. Kings policy of peaceful protest…show more content…
The march on Washington showed that the different civil rights campaign groups could work together such as SNCC, NAACP, SCLC, and CORE also it showed that all of the different civil rights groups had united goals and methods. This shows that if the aims were achievable and the correct amount of planning had been used then the policy of peaceful protest was a successful policy. However if the aims were not achievable and there wasn’t much planning the policy of peaceful protest wouldn’t work and example of this is The Albany Movement; this didn’t work because the aims were too broad and the planning wasn’t good enough Laurie Pritchett didn’t respond to the civil rights campaigners so they needed to target places that would react violently; they did learn from their mistakes though because in the Birmingham campaign it worked better. Other campaigns that King either supported or led include the Greensboro sit-ins, the Freedom Riders and the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The Greensboro sit-ins were not lead by King but they were supported by him, the Greensboro sit-ins showed black Americans economic power because the restaurant lost 20% of its predicted profits also it spread fast and desegregated shops; the policy of peaceful protest worked well because nothing failed/went wrong in the sit-ins. The Freedom riders showed co-operation because CORE, SNCC and
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