Martin Luther On Moralism

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When it comes The Freedom of a Christian, Martin Luther is trying to explain to the people what it truly means to have faith in God. Luther believed that having true faith would save you, and that indulgences had nothing to do with being saved from purgatory. Faith is showing people that you want to live by the Word of Christ, and not by what the Roman Church is telling them to do. Martin Luther goes on to explain in The Freedom of a Christian, what it means to be a Christian. To be a Christian to Martin Luther it meant that you have to show true faith in the almighty Lord. Luther believes that faith is the most important thing when it comes to living a true Christian life. He believes that as long as you have a real belief in God, that a person will begin to spread the Word of God. Luther says, “Faith redeems, corrects, and preserves our consciences so that we know the righteousness does not consist in works, although works neither can nor ought to be wanting” (Luther pg. 24). This helps explain what Luther really thought about faith, he believed that once you have true faith, then one will begin to do what comes along with living a Christian life. Martin Luther helps explain faith to other Christians around the world by using his Three power of faiths. The first power of faith talks about how the relationship goes with God, and it means that God only has promises and commandments. The second power faith means that when one has true faith one will begin to put more trust
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