Martin Luther: The Start Of The Reformation

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“Question with boldness even the existence, of a God, if there be one he must more than approve of the homage reason than that blinded fear” by Thomas Jefferson. Sometimes as people we just follow on what they told us because the person seem higher than ourselves so we just go along with it assuming it's correct. In this time period, that what was Martin Luther wanted to get rid of because he saw the errors of the Catholic church and he wanted to fix them. As a Result, the Catholic church did not listen, that is where the reformation started. When Martin Luther started the reformation there was a lot of social, economic and political changes because that is how much the church was involved in people's lives. The church was centered in everything …show more content…

There was a lot of poverty in that time because people just gave their money to the church to pay of their indulgences. They the church liked that because that is how they build new churches they paid the monks and etc… So for the church it was a good thing that they were stealing money from the people. The German people were poor already they were starving and barely had to feed their family, So it was ridiculous and unfair that they had to give everything to the church while, the church had to do the opposite which is fead and held the hungry not take away from them, so they did not practice what they preached. Martin Luther and the protestant saw that and obviously he was a biblical scholar so he knew that the scriptures did not say that and it was contradicting. The Protestant revolution also brought war (which something some Protestant leaders did not want), they just wanted to fix their error s and continue being their. The war affected economic issues because there was always that common fear that they might destroy your job or even kill you if you're not protestant or Catholic depend where that person was located. That common fear of not being financially stable caused a lot of problems. Another example of this, they were not a lot to trade with another church because there was that idea that their not for us but against us the protestant could not trade with the catholic church because they didn't not even talk or anything they just caused war. In war you need a lot of money.. So they people were taxed higher to give to the war efforts or the kings just took everything from the people to pay for the war. When a king choose if he was catholic or protestant it was more to see where he fit best, it was not that he believed his ideas it was just for more

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