Martin Luther and Margery Kempe in a Socially Religious Context

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Martin Luther and Margery Kempe in a socially religious context Religion has had a severe influence on society and by looking at the diverse attitudes that Christians employed regarding their religion through time one is likely to observe that many individuals who interpret religion erroneously are likely to put across hostile behavior toward innocent individuals. History has seen several Christians who stood up to mainstream religious thinking and who lobbied in regard to alternative methods of being religious. The cases of Margery Kempe and Martin Luther are two of the most notable examples of Christians who dared to put across their personal beliefs during a time when the Church harshly criticized and oppressed individuals like them. Both Kempe and Luther came to express interest in religious thinking consequent to acknowledging the fragility of life on earth. Eric Till's 2003 motion picture Luther provides viewers with a complex account regarding the life of Martin Luther and makes it possible for people to gain a better understanding of the man's intentions. Similarly, "The Book of Margery Kempe" provides readers with the woman's life told from her own perspective, thus making it possible for individuals to understand what it was like for her to live in a hostile environment where everyone who did not act in accordance with the Church's legislations was treated harshly. Luther and Kempe generated much controversy through their behavior and through the fact that they

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