Martin Luther 's Life And Accomplishments

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Heidi Mouton
December 1, 2015
English 3 AP
Period 2 Martin Luther Research Paper

Martin Luther was born in Eisleben, Germany on November 10, 1483. Lutheran father, Hans Luther was of peasant decent. Though he did have minors successes in mining and ore smelting. Hans wanted his son to have a better life by being a lawyer. At the age of seven Martin started school in Mansfield. At the age of 14 he went north to Magdeburg, where he continued his studies. Then again in 1498, he moved to Eisenach and began studying grammar, rhetoric, and logics.

In 1501, Luther attended the University of Erfurt, where he had gotten his bachelor 's degree in just one year. Just after 3 more years in 1505, he received a Master of Arts Degree in rhetoric, logics, grammar, and metaphysics. that same year he enrolled in the law school in that same university, just as his father had wished. In a drastic turn of events in the month of July 1505 he had found himself in the middle of a storm. A bolt of lightning struck near him and scared for his life, Martin cried out to St. Anne “Save me, St. Anne, and I’ll become a monk! ” the storm went away and he was saved. Regretting his words, he had kept his promise and dropped from law school into the monastery. However, most historians believe this was not a spontaneous act, but an idea already formed in Luther’s mind.

Luther emerged himself into the monastic life of serving God and saving the soul through prayer. Although he felt…
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