Martin Luther's Reformation Research Paper

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There has always been religion on earth probably as long as man has been, throughout every walk of life. During the 6th century institutional church reach a new high of lows. In a sense it could be considered corrupt or impure. This was a time where sin was relieved from you by the act of purchasing indulgences, or making a pilgrimage. This led many pure at heart question the framework of their churches. Most notably when the Church of Rome pushed selling indulgences to collect money for the rebuilding of Saint Peters cathedral. This led to extreme criticism, especially to those who held the aristolic ideals close to heart. With all that was going on, the movement needed a face, a person to take the thoughts and feelings many had and put it out to the world without holding back. The backbone of this reformation was left to the son of a coal miner, Martin Luther [1483-1546]. He chose to discontinue his pursuit in the study of law and became an Augustinian monk. From then on, as a doctor of theology at the University of Wittenberg, he spoke in opposition of the church. Providing extreme sermons and essays that offered solutions to what he says as “the misery and wretchedness of Christendom.” Luther strongly believed that sin was part of being human. Yet the way you seek…show more content…
What he created was a list of his indifferences with the church that challenged much of the way they went about. He then posted this list on the doors to the cathedral of Wittenberg, where it began to snowball through the press and avalanched all throughout Europe, then letting everyone see what Luther has challenged the Church of Rome with. His views in my mind were those of a clear minded and pure hearted man. Sticking to the scripture which founded church he reminded many the underlying roots from which their beliefs were founded. He encouraged the reading of the bible to his followers and even translated the Old and New Testament into
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