Martin Robinson Delany : An African American Man

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Martin Robinson Delany was an African-American man, born to a free mother and a slave father, on May 6, 1812 (Martin Robison Delany, 2014). Delany’s grandparents were captured and brought to America to as slaves, but it was later found that his maternal grandfather was an African Mandingo prince so he was given freedom and returned to Africa. It was because of this that Delany’s mother, Pati was a free woman. In the 1800’s in Virginia, Pati encountered anger from white’s who found out that she was teaching her children to read. In 1822 she packed up the family leaving her husband behind and moved to Chambersburg, Pennsylvania (Sekora, 2013). His father bought his freedom later and joined the family. Delany began his education after the move and then went on to attend the African Free School in New York. The school not only taught black children their place in society, but it became a focal point of black communities hope for a better future (Rury, 1983). Delany began to study multiple language and medicine during an apprenticeship with a white doctor in Pennsylvania. In the late 1830’s Delany traveled all over giving anti-slavery speeches while observing the lives of slaves. In 1843 he started a black newspaper called The Mystery the paper criticized slavery and emphasized black pride. The popularity of the paper gave him national recognition and he joined Frederick Douglas in 1847 to create The North Star which became the leading abolitionist…
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