Martin's Life: Personal Narrative

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My whole life I've thought I have a handle on things, on my own decisions. I believed that as long as I did what felt right, everything would be alright in the end. Every big decision I've made so far I've just went with my gut, my instinct, but now I am afraid. I'm afraid that my instincts might be wrong, that my heart might be in the wrong place.

Since my introduction at rolling meadows you have helped me, you taught me how the dynamic of the school worked, how to preform with skill and finesse. You taught me how to be the best musician I could be, and since that first day at school I've looked up to you. In many ways you where my mentor, and in even more you were my friend. Now, I must ask for your advice, for your guidance,
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All I dreamed of when I was young was performing with the Chicago symphony orchestra, to be surrounded by fellow musicians, and to do what I love the most with people who love it as much as I do. To play golden tones and chords in a grand movement, for an audience of thousands. But now as I grow older, more mature, I realize this is a mere dream. Half of me, wants me to quit the pursuit of a fruitless aspiration, a small fantasy concocted by the mind of a child. To put my time and energy into study of a degree in law or engineering or chemistry or whatever could hold a promising future, one with a stable job and a family. The other half of me want to keep my love of music, and nurture it further, wether it be fruitless or not. To spend my time studying the greats and how to play and preform like them, to spend my college years writing music instead of essays.

Martin, I am truly torn, one day I believe the path I have dreamt of my whole life is the one for me, and the next I believe that I should grow up, spend my time preparing for a future with a path that I could follow and know where it will end. Please, I implore you, what is the answer? What would you
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