Marti's Ambition Of Democracy In Latin America

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During the 19th century a large portion of mistakes Latin America made came from not believing in themselves. Marti argued a government needed to believe in its people. He implied that as a whole, the leaders (government) needed to worry less about foreign nations and more about their own. Marti said that “To be a governor of a new country means to be a creator.” He wants his nation to continue advancing and not fall back into its old conservative ways. As a nation, they needed to look forward and prosper with the resources they had. One of his main goals was for Latin America to be recognized by the world as an independent powerful nation. He realized they had the resources to be more self-supporting, but were not utilizing them as effectively as they should. It came to his attention that the Americas should not rely on Europe as much as they did. Latin America was too hung up on Europe by trying to mimic their lifestyles, but he didn’t want that. They needed to create their own lifestyle and become recognized on a global scale.…show more content…
He knew that their nation was in the hands of the youth, and that they would push the nation forward. To achieve these goals, he knew they all would have to work hard, which would carry them to liberty. By pushing his country towards liberty, he knew the white cloud that over shadowed the darker races would be eliminated. He was tired of people being compared to Europeans, when he knew his people were fully capable of doing anything Europeans could do. He argued that all people are essentially equal regardless of their race or background, because there simply was no such thing as race. He said “There can be no racial hate, because there are no races.” Whether Marti was fighting for equality or liberty, his legacy will carry out through their fight for independence and well into the 20th
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