Marty Cooper Research Paper

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There are a vast amount of inventors that do numerous things in the world that make the everyday things that we have today. Some people just never stop to think about who invented this everyday product. I can’t tell about all of the inventors, but I can tell you about one that made a product that we use everyday. Martin “Marty” Cooper made the first mobile phone, even though, the bulky, gray 2-pound box design didn’t make a fashion statement. It did make phone calls. Martin “Marty” Cooper had an eventful life ever since his on December 26, 1928 in Chicago, Illinois. In 1950, he graduated from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He joined the army and fought in the Korean War.…show more content…
One of the things that he did is that he patented and worked on making the first radio-controlled traffic-light system. In 1967, he also made the first handheld police radios. These two inventions made cities safer by reducing the amount of car crashes and casualties. Another great invention that he made to help the world safer was wireless phones. The wireless phones were first introduced in 1972-73. Even though, there were a couple of weaknesses on the wireless phones. First, was that the phone only had 11 or 12 channels and couldn’t be used in some areas. Second, was that they needed a lot of energy, so they had to be ran off your car’s battery. Therefore, it wasn’t really a wireless phone it was actually a car…show more content…
His hypothesis would be correct, since businesses are making the world technologically advanced everyday. The technology today is widespread and is used all the time in everyday life. According to Anjarwalla, during the time when Cooper made the first cell phone, there were no large-scale integrated circuits, no computers, and no LCD screens. In an interview, Cooper said, “I must tell you as much as we are dreamers, we never imagined that all these things could be combined into one, and I’m really not so sure that it’s a great thing. Phones have gotten so complicated, so hard to use, that you wonder if this is designed for real people or engineers.” This statement is true because phones are getting more and more high tech, to the point that they focus more on the younger generation. Thus, Cooper’s wife made the Jitterbug, which is just a simple telephone for the elderly. In conclusion, Martin “Marty” Cooper did a lot to make the world as we know it today. He is also one of the key people who started the technological innovation. His technological innovation, the cell phone, is widely used by everyone. The cell phones are used by young and old people and has made the world a safer place. It is a great achievement that Mr. Cooper could make the world a safe and happy place for
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